Transport your sensitive garments in special containers equipped with hangers. This service is the perfect choice for retail customers needing a safe and convenient garment solution.

  • Save time and money

    Piggybank No packing/unpacking, ironing or handling.

  • Greater loading capacity

    Container-3D In order to load maximum volume, systematic arrangements of horizontal poles are installed on the roof of Garment on Hanger containers.

  • Protect sensitive garments

    Commodity Special preparation of the container will preserve sensitive commodities such as suits, 丝绸, leather, 等.

How does it work?

Opt for the most suitable formats:
  • Single-bar containers; strings or straps for heavy garments that are unlikely to crease.
  • Double-bar containers; strings or straps for fragile garments that crease easily.

By looking closely at ways to use time wisely at each stage of the supply chain, CONTAINER garment ready has helped us to expedite garments faster, reducing unstuffing time for our shops at destination.

詹姆斯Supply chain manager for a clothing company

As a manufacturer of high-quality, sensitive suits, it has always been painful for us to load such garments into boxes. With this special service, we save time and money, making our supply chain easier!

JonathanLogistic specialist in the fashion industry