A revolutionary approach to handling claims in case of damage to your cargo. Fed up with long disputes and administrative processes? SERENITY cargo value guarantee is for you.

  • Your cargo value guaranteed door-to-door

    door-to-door Managing your supply chain is easier and more cost effective, even with merchant haulage.

  • No more intermediaries

    Tower-CmaCgm You have one single point of contact: 三亿体育注册.

  • No more endless disputes

    Service-Serenity Liable or not, 三亿体育注册 will compensate you up to the full secured value*.

  • The most comprehensive guarantee

    Preserve cargo's quality In-depth protection including refrigerated container in case of temperature variation and even Force Majeure.

*According to SERENITY cargo value guarantee terms and conditions available on the website.

How does it work?


We are a small company. When we ship one container, we ship almost one month of production. If we cannot sell the goods at destination because they are damaged, we absolutely need to get our compensation as soon as possible in order to keep our company alive! Our cash flow is not strong enough to support the usual legal procedures!

Manager for a lavender producer

As an international company, we ship goods to lots of destinations including unsafe ones. Some ports and roads are not safe enough, and we used to face many robberies. Now we have decided to protect our cargo value. A small price for complete peace of mind!

马修斯 Risks manager for a furniture multinational